Pokemon Indigo League: Gotta #ReadThemAllThon TBR


Okay, are you guys ready for this? Remember when Aentee over at Read at Midnight created that Pokemon Go Book Tag? That was great, right? Well, she’s come back with an even greater idea: the #ReadThemAllThon! There’s a lot of information about how the read-a-thon works, and it involves math (don’t worry, it’s not too scary), so please go check out her blog for the official what, when, how stuff. Basically, you pick your Pokemon that you want to “train” for the read-a-thon, you make a TBR that goes with the challenges, and then you read for CP to try to be the very best that no one ever was!

The read-a-thon runs from August 14 – September 4, and you can sign up by creating your own TBR and linking it on Aentee’s original post. Here’s my TBR – enjoy!

*Note: All graphics except for my Pokemon Trainer Card were created by Aentee who was kind enough to allow bloggers to use her art for TBR posts.

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Harry Potter Summer: My 5 Favorite Chapters in the Series

harry potter summer banner

Hey, hey, all! Glad you guys enjoyed the Pokemon Go tag haha. Like I said, it was lots of fun! Anyway, this Friday I’m back again with a new Harry Potter Summer post. Today I’ll be discussing my top 5 favorite chapters in the entire series. This seems like it would be a hard list to narrow down considering how many chapters there are throughout all seven books, but I found this surprisingly simple. I guess I’ve always known which ones stood out to me. Here are the 5 chapters in the Harry Potter series that I could go to again and again and again.

*If you haven’t read the entire Harry Potter series, there will be spoilers. You have been warned. (But also, who are you and why haven’t you read HP? What are you even doing with your life?)

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Pokémon Go Book Tag


How’s it going, readers? I’m super excited to be doing today’s book tag! As you can see, it’s going to be all about Pokemon! I’m not gonna lie; I’ve been hardcore obsessed with Pokemon Go since it came out. When I’m not reading or watching YouTube videos, I’m most likely playing this game (don’t lie – I know you’re in the same boat). I’m about halfway through level 15 at the moment, and my current priority has been evolving my Eevees into her final form. But anyway, the amazing Aentee over at Read at Midnight cleverly created this fun tag, and she is kindly allowing bloggers to use her beautiful edits as well, so every image you see in this post was created by her! Now without further ado, let’s get to the good stuff!

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Harry Potter Summer: Ranking the Books and Movies

harry potter summer banner

Happy Friday and Happy July (aka Harry Potter month)! Does anyone else get all weirdly excited and happy thinking about how July has become the unofficial month for all thing HP? July always makes me want to re-read the series and watch all the movies and go to all the cool Barnes & Noble HP-themed events. And this month is extra special because of The Cursed Child release! Fun time all around, basically!

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