Harry Potter Summer: My Top 5 Favorite Characters

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Hey, readers! It’s time for the first installment of Harry Potter Summer! What better category to start with than my favorite characters? This wasn’t difficult for me to narrow down since my favorites have pretty much been the same for years. So here they are, along with some of my favorite fanart depictions of them!

— H A R R Y  P O T T E R —

tumblr_nqbdcrv6AG1txbq4yo1_1280(art credit) Wow, who would’ve guessed that Harry is on this list?! Could I be more basic when it comes to my favorite character of the entire series? Probably not, but I just love Harry James Potter so, so much. You’d think I wouldn’t have to explain this one, and yet a surprising amount of people find Harry annoying, or at least find him annoying in OotP. But the way I see it is that if my parents were killed, a murderer was after me, my mentor was ignoring me, I had part of Voldemort in me, and I was going through regular teen angst on top of it all, I think I’d be a little moody too. It’s hard for me to hate Harry if I just put myself in his shoes for about two seconds. Harry is the perfect mixture of serious, sarcastic, brave, and smart. Every time I read Deathly Hallows in particular, I just get so overwhelmed by how much Harry has grown and by how much I love him. He’s so loyal and loving, and he would do anything for his friends. Plus, Gryfifndor pride ayyy! I will defend Harry to the end, and if you know what’s good for you, you’d keep your Harry hate a mile away from me at all times or I will find you. I’m serious. Of all the character hate my faves get, Harry hate gets me the most angry (yes, even more than Sansa). You’ve been warned.

— S I R I U S  B L A C K —

sirius black
(art credit) Oh, Sirius. *sigh* He is definitely my favorite after Harry, and I’ll often just say he’s my favorite because I feel like Harry doesn’t count (even though he does to me). I’ve mentioned this before, but the Marauders are my everything. They are my favorite generation in HP, and I would absolutely die for a prequel from JKR. I know Sirius certainly wasn’t perfect in the books, but his tragic life is what makes him such an interesting character. I mean he was born into a hateful family, ran away from that, got disowned, joined the Order, was wrongly accused of his best friends’ murders, spent twelve unwarranted years in Azkaban, and then finally gets out but dies before his name could be cleared. Like, wow. Why? Why? Why? Sirius never had a chance to grow up, and I got the strong impression from OotP that he was depressed. But despite it all, he loved Harry more than anything in the world and did all he could to protect his godson. And this fanart depiction is one of my favorites of all time because he looks so happy, and it kills me that he never got to truly be free. And this portrait is exactly what I pictured him to look like. No offense to Gary Oldman, whom I love, but my Sirius is young and handsome and rebellious like he was depicted as being in the books. I could go on for five million years about my love for Sirius, but I guess I’ll refrain. Ugh.

— H E R M I O N E  G R A N G E R —

(art credit) First of all, I just love this fanart. So cute. Okay, another predictable choice, but how can Hermione not be on everyone’s favorites list? I don’t think I need to tell you all why Hermione is so amazing, but just in case you need a reminder…Hermione is real. There’s a reason she’s probably the character most readers relate to.  She has fears and insecurities and gets emotional and cares about school, but she’s also so incredibly brave and loyal and caring. When I was younger, I remember Hermione was my favorite because I was just like her, and it made me excited to read about such a relatable female character. As the years went on, I became less like her, but she still remained as such an inspiration to me. Hermione made people feel comfortable with being a bookworm and proud to be smart. She has done so much for young girls, and I could not love her more. I am so grateful to JKR for creating this character. ❤

 — G I N N Y  W E A S L E Y —

ginny(art credit) Where do I even start with Ginny? The movies butchered her character more than anyone else’s in my opinion. Ginny is so underappreciated even though she was totally amazing and badass in the books. She was the only girl of seven children, she would steal her brothers’ broomsticks when she was little so she could practice flying, she was possessed by Voldemort but came away strong, she started out shy and anxious but turned into an outgoing, popular Quidditch player, she was smart, she stood up for Neville and Luna even when nobody else would, she was an amazing Chaser and Seeker, she was fierce and didn’t take crap from anyone, she sneaked into the Hogwarts battle and held her own, and she was an incredibly talented witch. How the heck did the movies miss all of that? If I could be anyone from HP, it would be Ginny (and not just because she marries Harry) because she is fierce and kind and amazing. To anyone who says Harry should have ended up with someone better – were we even reading the same books? Ginny gets so much unnecessary hate from people who can’t distinguish between book and movie Ginny. In reality, the two could not be more different. Basically, this is just another case of me being overly defensive about another HP character, but I can’t help it. How can people not see how awesome she is? I am eager to see how The Cursed Child portrays her as a mother and wife. I’ll be sorely disappointed if it’s another bleehh portrayal.

— L I L Y  E V A N S  P O T T E R —

lily evans art (art credit) I’ve used this fanart on a post before, but this is my favorite depiction of Lily, so I used it again here. I know what you’re thinking. Lily is hardly even in the books at all, and she’s dead before the story even begins. That’s all true, but I’ve always felt drawn to her character. Maybe it’s because she’s the hero’s mother or because she died so very young or because of her sacrifice, but even though she isn’t really in the books, her presence in them feels strong. If people telling Harry that he has so much of Lily in him is any indication of her character, then I know I would’ve loved her. She seemed so kind and accepting and passionate about what she believed in. She fought in the Order alongside her young peers and flung herself in front of Harry when Voldemort broke into their house. I know that seems like an expectation of any mother, but that doesn’t make her sacrifice any less special. She was only 21 when she died, yet I feel as if she was so wise. Part of the reason I want a Marauders prequel so badly is because I want to know more about Lily. I want to see her interact with James and the other boys and Petunia and, despite my dislike of him, even Snape. The Harry Potter series is filled with so many beautiful mother figures, but Lily has to be my favorite. And I suppose all the fanfiction I used to read from the Marauders era might also contribute to why I love her ha ha.

– – –

Arighty, folks, that’ll do it for today! So, tell me. Who are your favorite Harry Potter characters? Please share your picks with me below!

Until next time,
Veronica ϟ


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