Top 5 Wednesday: Bookish Habits

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Hello, readers! Wednesday is again upon us, and this week’s T5W topic is Bookish Habits. If any of you are like me, I’m sure you have many of these. I didn’t even realize I had so many until I stopped to think about them for this list. I could have named more, but I chose the ones that I feel are my biggest habits in regard to reading and books. As usual, Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey at gingerreadslainey. The Goodreads group is here.  Now let’s talk about my bookish habits!

1. No random stopping points.

I’m sure this isn’t uncommon, but I absolutely cannot stop reading in the middle of a random page. No matter how tired I am or how much I need a break, I force myself to read to the next scene break or chapter end. If I’m really desperate then I will sometimes stop on a page with a number ending in zero. (I really love when a chapter happens to ends on a round number.) If I only have a few minutes but don’t think I can make it to a round number, scene break, or chapter end, I probably won’t read. This might sound obsessive, but I’ve been reading this way since basically forever.

2. Extensive research. 

Before I commit to buying or reading a book, I do pretty extensive research on it. The average Goodreads ratings have to be at least a 3.75 (except for a few special circumstances). I’ll also ask friends or watch non-spoiler reviews on YouTube. I’m pretty picky about books, especially YA. If I decide to buy a book it’s because, based on my research, I think I will really enjoy it. This is also the reason why I don’t tend to give bad ratings out very frequently. This system hasn’t prevented me from reading terrible books, but it’s definitely minimized that number. I usually find most fault with books that have been overhyped with great reviews but that I , for whatever reason, just didn’t connect with. Going into a book blind isn’t an option.

3. Obsessive Goodreads updates.

If you’re on Goodreads, you can follow me here.  My “currently reading” shelf is usually up-to-date, and I constantly check in with page number updates and a few words about how I’m feeling about the book so far. I love Goodreads, and I think it’s an awesome tool for seeing what books your friends are reading as well as finding new books to add to your to-be-read list. I’m on there all the time!

4. Cover matching. 

When I first begin a series, I always have to decide whether I want to go paperback or hardcover. But either way, once I decide, the entire series has to match. Of course, newer series or new releases to a series tend to be hardcover, so I usually buy my series that way. However, with a series like Throne of Glass, I bought the first one in paperback which meant I waited quite a few months to buy the sequel in paperback as well. Recently, I remember being dead set on buying the Heroes of Olympus series in hardcover because I thought the art was so beautiful, so I was willing to spend the extra money so they would all match. It just looks better on my shelf, and it makes the series feel more complete. This extends to cover changes as well. If a series gets a cover change halfway through, I’ll stick to buying all the old covers or all the new covers instead of mixing and matching. And I will never, ever buy a movie tie-in cover!

5. Goodbye, dust jackets!

This habit is probably the most common–I hate reading hardcovers with their dust jackets on. It’s just annoying when the cover keeps slipping up or down. It’s so simple to just take the jacket off while reading and then put it on again when I complete the book. I don’t care how beautiful the cover is; it’s coming off!

These are a few of my bookish habits. Some of them may seem odd or obsessive, but if you think long enough, I’m sure you’ll discover you have some weird habits of your own. Reading is a very personal thing, and everyone experiences a book differently. I’d love to hear some of your bookish habits! Share them with me below if you feel so inclined.

Until next time,

Read on! – Veronica


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